RAVO // an awsome project by andrea ravo mattoni

Sala Sardegna

A room dedicated to two artists of uncertain identity. Solitary artists who have often painted their works in peripheral places. However, in their works there are influences from schools from all over Europe, Spanish as well as Flemish, bringing to life a proposal of strong originality.



1. Maestro di Ozieri, The proof of the true cross, sprayed wall, Olbia, June 2016. This work was painted in Olbia at ParkinGo (Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport) in June 2016.



2. Maestro di Castelsardo, Archangel Michael (detail). An artist whose identity is still debated, he was a representative of the Sardinian-Iberian painting current. He acted as a mediator between Iberian-inspired gothic painting and the novelties of both Italian Renaissance and Flemish ones.


3. Maestro di Ozieri, Retablo of Our Lady of Loreto: detail of the Visitation. This retablo’s detail of the Visitation is an important testimony of Maestro di Ozieri’s painting. It is kept at Ozieri, in the chapterhouse of the Cathedral of the Immaculate.


4. Maestro di CastelsardoSaint Michael (retablo’s detail). Retablo means “retro tabula” i.e. “behind the altar”. We are dealing with paintings that are placed behind the altar where the Eucharistic rite was performed. This retablo is in Tiuli, inside the parish Church dedicated to Saint Peter Apostle.


5. Maestro di Ozieri, Descending or deposition. The painting, a segment of a work that was divided, is kept in Ozieri’s Museo Diocesano. Maestro di Ozieri, who worked in northern Sardinia, is a representative of a painting current that has amply taken on the lesson of Italian Mannerism, while at the same time managing to bring to life a language that is original and unusual.