RAVO // an awsome project by andrea ravo mattoni

Sala Ticino

Andrea Ravo Mattoni has a particular relationship with the Swiss territory. His mother hails from Val Bedretto, precisely where the Ticino River comes into being. The Canton of Ticino, along the centuries, has fathered painters of extraordinary talent. Nowadays the best known is probably Antonio Ciseri, of whom three of his best-known paintings are here. In this room are works by other Ticino artists dating back to the 1600s (Pier Francesco Mola), the 1500s (Giovanni Serodine), and to the 1400s (Bernardino Luini).



1. Antonio Ciseri, Moving Christ’s body to the sepulcher. The painter was born in Ronco, north of Ascona, on 25th October 1821. This painting, executed in 1883, is still kept in the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso at Orselina.

Ecce Homo by Antonio Ciseri c. 1880

2. Antonio Ciseri, Ecce Homo. The painting depicts Pontius Pilate when he introduces Jesus to the praetorian court in Jerusalem. It is kept in Florence at Palazzo Pitti.


3. Antonio Ciseri, The martyrdom of Maccabees.  The painting is situated inside the Church of Saint Felicita in Florence (it was created between 1853 and 1863). For this work, Ciseri was awarded the gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Vienna in 1873. This is his most famous painting.


4. Bernardino Luini, Madonna with child and Saints Catherine and Barbara (detail). Renaissance painter of the Leonardo school, he was born in 1481 between the Province of Varese and the Canton of Ticino.


5. Pier Francesco Mola, St. Jerome. Pier Francesco Mola, known as Ticinese, was born in Coldrerio on 9th February 1612. This painting, oil on canvas, is kept at the Vatican Museums.


6. Giovanni Serodine, Christ derided. This painter, born in Ascona in 1594, was educated following the example of Caravaggio, Borgianni and the Dutch followers of Caravaggio. This painting, oil on canvas (115×155), created in 1625, is part of a private collection.


7. Andrea Solari known as Solario, Madonna with the green cushion (Milan, 1470-1524). He was one of the most appreciated and called upon painters during the period in which Milan was under the rule of the Kingdom of France. This work was painted when the artist was living in France. It is now kept at the Louvre.