RAVO // an awsome project by andrea ravo mattoni

Sala Varese

Varese is the place of birth of Andrea Ravo Mattoni, who with this territory has indeed an ongoing, strong relationship. In this “sala” (room), five of the nine works are by one of the greatest Lombard artists, Caravaggio. Its extraordinary power, the use of light and a very deep black are especially suitable for the technique of wall-spraying utilized by Ravo Mattoni; the depth and dynamicity of the various levels is highlighted by the large-format reproduction. Two paintings by Morazzone and Manfredi, both Lombards, are also part of the exhibit in the Sala Varese. Morazzone came from the Province of Varese, and Manfredi belonged to the painting current inspired by Caravaggio.



1. CaravaggioThe taking of Christ, sprayed wall, Varese, April 2016. This work has been painted in Varese at Viale Belforte 250.


2. Caravaggio, Rest on the flight into Egypt, sprayed wall, Malpensa, May 2016. The painting has been reproduced at Malpensa’s ParkinGo T1 T2.


3. Caravaggio, Boy with a basket of fruit, sprayed wall, Angera, September 2016. This painting has been reproduced in Angera (Province of Varese).



4. P. Francesco Mazzucchelli, known as Morazzone, Fight between Jacob and the Angel. Morazzone (Morazzone, 29 July 1573) is known for having painted an important series of frescoes in the Chapel of the Rosary at San Vittore, in Varese in 1598. This one painting is on canvas and it comes from the Archbishop’s Picture Gallery, collection of Cardinal Monti.


5. Michelangelo Merisi known as Caravaggio, The conversion of Saint Paul. This work was painted between 1600 and 1601. Owned by the Roman Odescalchi family, the painting is also called Caravaggio Odescalchi. It is one of the grandest works by the Lombard master.


6. Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli, known as Morazzone, Massacre of the innocents. Oil on canvas. The painting is kept at Milan’s Museo Diocesano. It is an example of the refined mastery of this artist.


7. Bartolomeo Manfredi, Gipsy fortune teller. Manfredi, born in 1582 in Ostiano, is a very important Lombard artist. He belongs to the current of so-called “primitive Caravaggio-style” painters, followed by those artists that knew Caravaggio when he lived in Rome.


8. Bartolomeo Manfredi, The guard. One of the artist’s masterpieces. The painting, by means of light and shade effects, lets the “Caravaggio spirit” come through clearly.


9. Michelangelo Merisi known as Caravaggio, The crowning with thorns. One of Caravaggio’s most important works. Oil on canvas (127×165 cm), most likely dating circa 1603. It is kept at Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum.